Our Mission

Our mission, simply put, is to save lives. Our baby died waiting for a lifesaving surgery, that did not come in time. There was a cure for her, but she did not get it. We do not want this to happen over and over again.

Our mission is to raise awareness about organ donation. We will also be working hard to enact legislation to enable parents to make easier decisions about organ donation for themselves and their families.

Our mission, is to change the statistics. ⅓ of the 110,000 people waiting for organ transplants will die.  In our opinion, that is ⅓ too many.

Please consider being an organ donor.

Please visit Donate Life for more information about Organ and Tissue Donation.


  1. on October 21, 2011 #

    I love the Ruby Jane foundations mission!
    I agree everyone should get the organ they need.
    Once we are in heaven we will not need our earthly
    organs so we should give them to others and give
    the gift of life to others .
    Keep up the good work! I will support you in any way I can.
    Ruby is a blessing to so many now and for years and years
    to come.
    I am reminded that Jesus told us to treat others the way we
    Would like to be treated . Organ donation is such a great
    Way to put Jesus words into practice.
    Thank you for letting all those who love Ruby be a part
    Of her legacy. Melissa

    • on November 4, 2011 #

      Melissa, You have been such a support to us and continue to be such a shining example of Christ-like love. Thank you!

  2. on November 4, 2011 #

    So many people are becoming aware of the good they can do by being informed and signing up to be organ donors. We hope that everyone who supports the Ruby Jane Foundation will share what they have learned about organ donation with their friends and family. Think of how many lives will be touched if everyone does their part to spread the word and invite action. We are proud of the good that you have accomplished and know that you WILL be responsible for saving many lives. We are proud to be your family and honored to support the foundation on behalf of our sweet granddaughter, who is accomplishing much as our busy little angel girl. We believe that she is aware and rejoicing with every effort we make to further this cause. She has touched and changed many lives and will touch many, many more, with our help. Go Ruby Girl! How grateful we are for our knowledge of eternal families!

  3. on November 4, 2011 #

    WE love you and share the same mission. I love your beautiful family and you fought so hard to save ruby this i know first hand. Donate Life