Donate Life Training

We were able to attending a Donate Life Ambassador training this Saturday. It was an all day training near CHOC. We spent the first part of Ruby’s journey at CHCO, so it was emotional being back there. The introduction part of the day was very difficult for both Matt and I.

Most of the people there were organ recipients, and a good portion were given the gift of livers. There were also handful of families whose loved ones had donated an organ or tissue, and given the gift of life to another. We were the only people there without a happy ending in some way. It was encouraging to see in-person the amazing gift that an organ transplant is. It inspired us even more to raise awareness about this cause. Most stories you read and hear about are about how a life was saved by a donor, but we don’t often hear about those who died waiting. Ruby’s story is unique, and we know we need to share our experience to prevent this shortage of organs available for people, specifically children, waiting for a transplant.

We spent the day learning the ins and ours of the organ donation process, the statistics, and how we can help. We are very excited, and motivated to take the information we have learned, and Ruby’s inspiration, and really make a difference. We are in this for life!